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Aggio girato pe' mille città
senza me ferma'
'a londra, 'a francia, 'a spagna, 'a tunisia stongo a casa mia
so' nato abbascio 'o puorto e che vvuo' fa'
ll'aggio vista ggià
a ggente ca vene e sene va
senza cchiù turna'
pe' denaro ammore o pe' curiosità
pe' fuji' d'a guerra o nu se fa truva'
senza nomme e senza età
si me vuo' a casa mia ll'aggio truvata ccà
we're satellites of souls
beaming and receiving
replacing world of stories
that you've been omitting
cut through the wire that you
find yourself trapped in
here's where i be and here's where i'm living
larger then judgements of what i am
simple complex like dna strand
freedom of movement and thought make the man
so i'm stepping over yonder to learn what i can
cannot be held under your itchy finger
thoughts are dead 'cause you pulled the mental trigger
don't know where i'm from so i'll tell you "gopornmobile figure"
i was there before you and you were before see

because we're all cut from the same tree
people talk about wanting to chuck the immigrants out and i say
"ok fine" that also means i'm going to take my tea gonna take my potatoes
gonna take my gunpowder what you gonna be left with - you're left with
absolutely zilch maybe a little bit of grass that you can munch on like a cow.

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